Revolve:R, edition three

Continuing the thematic development of editions one (2013) and two (2015) - initially inspired by concepts of chance and synchronicity - in Summer 2017, Sam Treadaway sent an artwork, by post, to a number of other artists with the invitation to respond with an artwork of their own. Once all these artworks were received, a new work was then created, both a synthesis, edit and 'answer' to the collective works, which was once again sent to all participating artists. Each Revolve:R project and bookwork consists of six such rounds, referred to as 'Revolves', of this process of communication.

As with the edition two, for Revolve:R, edition three poets were invited to write poems in response to the collective visual artworks of each of the six Revolves. These poems were then sent to filmmakers who were each invited to make short films in reply to one of the six poems. As a development within edition three each of these six poems was also forwarded to another poet, who wrote a poem in reply sound artists and musicians were invited to create a sound-work or song inspired by the collective visual artworks of each Revolve.

Revolve:R, edition three is reaching completion in the coming months and is due to be published in 2018. We are now inviting your support of this publication by pre-ordering the edition three bookwork which will be the result of a two-year long collaboration involving artists working collaboratively across a wide range of media including: visual art, poetry, film, sound art and music.

Revolve:R, edition three

Works by: Portia Winters (UK), Alastair Whitton (SA), Sipke Visser (NL), Ricarda Vidal (DE), Shireen Taylor (UK), Rebecca Tantony (UK), Sam Treadaway (UK), Kate Street (UK), Glen Stoker (UK), Alex Stevenson (UK), Daniel Smedley (UK), Emmanuel Spinelli (IT), Sean Slemon (USA), David Shillinglaw (UK), Solveig Settemsdal (NO), Laura Santamaria (IT), Pietro Reviglio (IT), Natasha Rosling (UK), Julie McCalden (UK), Chris McCabe (UK), Anna Mace (UK), Heather Lucy (UK), Sharon Kivland (UK), Will Kendrick (UK), Hayden Kays (UK), Juneau Projects (UK), Tom Jenks (UK), Peter Hoiß (AT), Debora Hirsch (IT), Katrin Hanusch (DE), Georgie Grace (UK), Steven J Fowler (UK), Stephanie Douet (UK), Holly Corfield Carr (UK), Anna Cady (UK), Kelly Best (UK), Sophie Bullock (UK), Richard Broomhall (UK), Emilie Atkinson (UK), Tabatha Andrews (UK), Maria Anastassiou (CY) (others to be confirmed).

> The Revolve:R, edition three bookwork will be published in 2018 as a limited edition of /60.

> Each copy will include: 300+ visual artworks, 15 poems, 6 films, and 6 soundscape works, all created within the Revolve:R collaboration. All films and soundscapes will be included with each bookwork publication on a USB disk.

> All visual artworks from edition three will be available to purchase, as high quality (giclée) prints. each limited to an edition of /24.

> All pre-order supporters of Revolve:R, edition three will be acknowledged and credited, by name, within the bookwork publication (unless specifically asked not to be).

> Pre-orders are greatly appreciated as they will enable us to meet publication costs. Pre-order supporters of the project will receive the first copies of this limited edition bookwork at well over 50% of the published (RRP) price.

> To pre-order and support the publication of Revolve:R, edition three today please see: HERE